Team Fortress 2 2.1.0

2008's most popular team-based multiplayer shooter! Up to 32-64 players per game!

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After several years of sitting in development, Team Fortress 2 (TF2) was finally released by software developer Valve. Truth be told, it was well worth the wait as TF2 exceeds all expectations. Most of the changes from Team Fortress Classic have to do with cleaning up some of the unnecessary features. The final result is a fast-paced, exciting shooter game befitting a top level gamer.

TF2 gives the player nine different classes of soldiers to take into battle. They include Medic, Sniper, Demoman, Soldier, Heavy, Scout, Engineer, Spy and Pyro. The great thing about this game is that the player is required to find a good balance amongst these soldiers. Each class has unique, well defined capabilities and all of them are necessary to succeed in the game. Each of these classes has only three levels of weapons available for their use. By implementing this restriction, a lot of wasted time is eliminated.

The player has to thread their way through capture point maps. Each map is addressed with a different mode. The maps, like Dustbowl, Gravel Pit and 2Fort, are all unique and put a real emphasis on strategy and planning. All of the fast paced action is designed to prepare the player(s) for an explosive final battle. Valve made an excellent decision to allow battles to end with no winner in regulation. The overtime feature strips away the ability to regenerate health, which forces the attackers to fight until one side is completely eliminated.

The multi-player version is very well designed allowing players to use voice communications in order to coordinate efforts. The graphics throughout this game are exquisite. It's the little things that set this game apart from other titles in the genre. For instance, a "critical" hit is tied to special treatment, which helps reinforce the player's achievement. At times, the animation can be mesmerizing. The player will see things they are not used to seeing while playing a game. The different scenes are both stylish and highly enjoyable. The sound follows suit with the rest of the technical aspects of the game with voice overs that are imaginative and befitting of their characters and a soundtrack that is first rate.


  • Fast Action - The game's ultra quick pace will have a great deal of appeal for experienced gamers.
  • Communication - The ability for players to communicate is invaluable on a game such as this one. The team's level of success will be determined by their ability to communicate and keep their forces balanced and under control.
  • Free-to-Play - The free-to-play availability online is a big draw for players looking to experience this fine shooter game without a heavy financial investment.


  • No Robots - It's a shame the game provides no robots to help the player. In a game that moves at such a quick pace, the ability to use robots during battle sequences is a big miss.
  • Overtime - While the overtime feature is fun and interesting, it is possible for the teams to remain deadlocked after overtime, resulting in a draw. That makes it a waste of time.

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